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In order to convert IP address to domain names and vice versa you will need to ensure you have the correct DNS services specified in your hosted server or device configuration.

We strongly recommend using DNS servers that are local to your device regardless of if it is co located, hosted, virtual or a dedicated device. Using the following settings will ensure your name resolution is correct and follows internet standards.  Generally you should use a minimum of 2 servers for minimum redundancy, with 3 being recommended for Linux based systems and as many as possible for Windows or Apple products.  

IPv4 DNS ( Name Servers ) 


IPv6 DNS ( Name Servers ) 

  • 2a00:1a30:401:2304:0:1090:7014:7242 
  • 2a00:1a30:401:2304:0:1850:1620:7244 
  • 2001:9d8:3002:3304::9132 
  • 2a00:1a30:400:304::4036 
  • 2a00:1a30:401:2304:0:1850:1620:7243

If you have a Dual Stack ( IPv4 & IPv6 ) Linux system you can simply use the following to replace your /etc/resolv.conf file.

Please note you will only be able to use the servers noted above if you are within our network.  Any queries from outside of our network will simply be dropped by the firewall filters.  If you would like to white-list your WAN connection, this is of course possible, just raise a ticket via the support portal [ https://servicedesk.itsupportservices.com/ ]