Why IT Support Services?

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Shared Cloud Services

Maintain your control

AWS, Azure, and other emerging shared Cloud providers deliver an increasingly sophisticated and extensive catalogue of packaged platforms and SaaS solutions.

IT Support Services can deliver consulting services, aggregated billing and Shared Cloud management services to assist you in making truly cost effective use of the hyperscalers and ensure 'shadow IT' costs don't creep in and run away.

We have direct private connections into both AWS and Azure, and uniquely, we are even able to store your data in our UK data centres, while still presenting it to the hyperscalers, ensuring data protection compliance.

We have a superior track record of designing innovative and highly efficient Shared Cloud and hybrid solutions, understanding what roles your servers should play in your IT strategy.



  • Right resource allocated to the right server environments to suit your business needs
  • Certified, technical experts can help with new or existing users to the public Cloud
  • Our ‘Discovery Framework’ will guide you through an end to end process to ensure your IT strategy is right for you
  • Full suite of Software as a Service solutions from Microsoft and AWS available