Why IT Support Services?

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Due to the complexity of today’s technology, regular maintenance periods are required in order to properly maintain network equipment and data systems. To better ensure uninterrupted service, our department is scheduling regular maintenance windows when this work will be performed. The Maintenance Window will occur on the specified dates and time listed below. Staff will perform system upgrades, provide hardware maintenance and address network issues.

During these periods various systems may experience outages, slow responses, no connectivity and loss of dial tone determined by the type of maintenance required. The following systems are included:

  • Servers and Applications - Email, Web Hosting, Online Applications, File Servers
  • Network Communications – Data, Internet, LAN, WAN, Email, Web Hosting, Online Applications
  • Telecommunications – VOIP phones

Please plan accordingly to limit network use during this time in order to avoid potential loss of data. We thank you in advance for your support! Please contact the IT Support Services Helpdesk at 01242 340340 or support-team@itsupportservices.com with any questions.

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Maintenance Window Schedule

Subject Start Date & Time End Date & Time Estimated Downtime Impact in Services Description of work Location
No maintenance scheduled.